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Sainsbury’s Lantern Collection

I am really loving lanterns at the moment, as well as being very on trend they look beautiful at night on a summers evening.

There are so many different colours at designs out their on the highstreet ,these Sainsbury’s lanterns are really modern and they are all different sizes, shapes and colours. They are all recommended for outdoor use- perfect for chilled out evenings or pretty lighting for parties or late night gatherings.

  • The solar small caged lantern is £6, it comes in turquoise or a very light grey.
  • The tall solar grey rattan lantern is £28 (there is a smaller version available to)
  • the home solar white fisherman lantern looks really traditional and has a nautical feel about it.  This lovely lantern is £17
  • The black medium caged solar lantern is £10- perfect accessory to add to your party ( also comes in a gold metal colour)


  • Lorraine McGregor

    Looking for a large solar grey rattan lantern (2), was on sale un sainsburghs, code SKU 133059073, EAN 5057468867237, price approx. £28.00.

    • Michy Narin

      Hi Lorraine apologies about the delayed reply Ive been trying to gradually update my website. I have seen some lovely large rattan solar lanterns in Dunelm, John Lewis online, Amazon have a great selection. I had also seen some in B&M in store and they had grey ones. They do seem to be in demand at the moment and I agree the Sainsburys ones were lovely and a great price.
      Sorry Lorraine I hope this can help in some way.
      Many thanks take care

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