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Add Fun To Your Kitchen

I love the fun novelty signs The Range do, they really do add a touch of fun and cheekiness to the home.

I picked these 3 out as my favourite as with the first two especially I found myself singing as I picked them up. The first two metal plaques would look great in the Kitchen for a touch of humour. ( I bet when reading the first 2 plaques you had a little sing song)

The plaque which says ” You are one in a melon” would be a great gift for someone, maybe they are taking exams, or have passed a test, maybe this could be a fun gift for a teacher you really like or possibly just a gift for the perfect friend.

  • The ” They see me rollin” and ” Whip it whip it good” hanging metal plaques are £5.99 each and are 33.5cm in height.
  • The ” One in a melon” colourful metal plaque is £4.99.

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