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Funky Notebooks

I love stationary, so I am really loving all of the cool bright printed notepads out there in the shops at the moment.

These notepads will appeal to all sexes and ages, they are fun for college, work, a gift or just handy to have in your bag or at home for remembering everything you need to buy or do!

  •  The first notepad is my favourite, a bold powerful statement ” Run The World” on the front, this notepad is a bullet notebook with 192 pages. This book also comes with a page of novelty stickers and is designed by stationary designer Alice Scott £10
  • Alice Scott A5 “Dangerously Good Ideas” notepads come in a pack of 2 and they are also from Sainsbury’s at £8
  •  Alice Scott A4 ” Notes and Plans” notebook is £15 from Sainsbury’s
  • The cute little notepad contains 8 different sticky notepad sections inside ( like post-it notes) and is £4 from Sainsbury’s. This would be cute as an additional present for someone or it would come in handy around the home for remembering items, shopping, lists or daily chores lol.
  • The last notebook is from Tesco’s, I think this has such a pretty floral design on the front and it is great value for £4 at Tesco.

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