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Its no secret that I love mugs, I have quite a collection to my husbands dislike.

Sainsbury’s have always had a great range of mus to suit all tastes, from floral, animals, novelty and slogan word mugs.

I chose a selection of my favourite mugs in store at the moment, they would be a great addition to your “mug cupboard” or as a gift.

  • The Gin o’clock mug is great fun and I am sure we all know somebody who would love this and it’s only £3
  • The “I’d rather be sleeping” mug would also apply to probably….everyone, the colours are cool to I am loving the gold and pastel combinations at the moment £3
  • This little cutie would be a great gift for a younger family member so they could have some milk or hot chocolate in it (  to be honest I love bunnies and this is probably a mug I would chose for myself lol) £4
  • The next 3 mugs are a great shape and have passed the “holding” test, they also come in a grey option which wasn’t available in my local Sainsbury’s. The pink mug says ” Time for a cuppa” and the blue and yellow say ” Time for a brew” these are all £3.25 each
  • The last mug is my favourite as I would buy this and say to my family that when you see me with this mug I must not be disturbed :). Everyone deserves a break so either treat yourself to this cutie or buy this for a friend/family member who you thinks deserves one £2.75


    • Michy Narin

      Hi Lydia, thank you for your message but unfortunately I do not sell these mugs on my site as I search the store for the cute latest products and promote them on Michyfinds. This post was from 2019 but I will be doing a recent Sainsburys mug search soon as I too love the mugs from there. I also have my own shop coming soon on my site where it will be possible to purchase mugs so watch this space 🙂
      Thank you

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