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Buddha Ornament

I found this Gold Buddha head in the garden section of Dunelm however I think this would look great indoors or outdoors : )

We have a couple of Buddha ornaments in our home, my husbands fathers family are from Thailand so it is really nice to have a bit of a reminder of the different country and culture. Thailand is so beautiful  you should definitely try and go if you haven’t been already.

This beautiful Gold resin statue head would look great in the lounge on a fireplace or shelving possibly on the staircase if you have it. It is said that the best place for a Buddha is at eye level (so on a table or shelves) and facing the door . These are meant to display and welcome positive energy so if you believe this it could be a lovely feature to display for when someone enters your home ( so in the hallway) otherwise it will just look cool as a normal ornament 🙂

The Buddha head ornament is £10 from Dunelm and is wipe clean only.

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