Hi I’m Michy and this is my story….

Have you ever just wanted to do that thing you have always loved?  A passion, or a hobby, but being a mum for a lovely family just stopped you?  Well, that’s my story…

Hi everyone, my name is Michy and welcome to my website.  I’ve followed my heart, worked hard and finally got my website up and running.  Like most mummies and wives, I love nothing better than finding cute things around the local shops for my home, my family, or my friends.  If i’m really lucky then I might be able to find that special something for myself too. 

That’s what this website is all about, I turned my passion and my hobby and my nack to remember what my family and friends needed, like a rug for a new home, or the right present for a child’s birthday party, or even that special little number for friends wedding.  I just seemed to remember and be able to find the right items at the right price and at the right time.  Now I have turned my passion into a service that can help you find you that perfect item. 

That’s what you’ll find in this cute little website and that’s what i’m all about really. Little me “Michy” searching for that new and latest “Finds” and being able to show you the quality, tell you where it is and how much it is . If you could do with a little bit of help, then maybe you need a friend like me.

Subscribe here to see what I find in the shops, to see what I have reviewed and save time time by reading my comparisons of similar items.  Why not send me a request here  so that I can help you find that special item you need.  My passion is to find you the newest and best homeware items, girly accessories, kids gifts and stationary that every family needs and post them to my website and social media accounts. 

I split the website into 3 types of Michy Finds; 1) ALL FINDS for those special single finds that give you information on a single product.  2) Requests that give you the ability to contact me and so that I help you and understand what’s important to you, and 3) Reviews that provide you with a bit more detail, or a comparison of similar products from several shops. 

To help provide a regular format that you can get to understand.  I occasionally rate my Michy Finds with the below Heart Rating System and Badges.  These are all designed to give you that extra bit of help to choose the right product, gift or item. 

1 Heart Rating "Don't Buy"
2 Heart Rating "Not Very Good"
3 Heart Rating "Good"
4 Heart Rating "Really Good"
5 Heart Rating "Michy's Fav"
Michy's Top Find
Michy's Best Buy
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